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The PIRL decentralized social network is designed for a multi-planetary economy. When humans set foot on Mars, they will establish a new multi-planetary economy within the next 2000 years. In addition to the feature of not having your account locked, "SM" is the special feature that creates the success of the decentralized social network PIRL.



The account of the decentralized social network Pirl is a Pirl wallet address, unlike a Faceook or Twitter account, when you lose your account or your secret phrase is revealed, you will permanently lose your account. Because you cannot change your password because this is Blockchain technology. Don't worry about it, we've got it covered. Below is the security technology about our accounts.

General account.

If you already have a Pirl wallet address, you can simply log in with your secret phrase, or Json file. Or you can create a new wallet address to log in to your account.

Advantage: anyone can easily and use it

Disadvantage: If a hacker knows the secret phrase you will have to abandon your account, because hackers cannot change the password but they can edit, delete or create posts and scam. So you must keep the secret phrase safe and not reveal it to anyone. Don't worry too much but it's very safe for an individual.

Proxy Accounts

Like 2FA or gmail, which is a level 2 security layer, you can recover and get your account back if it is lost or a hacker has taken it. Web3 is a new internet, so you can't use gmail or 2FA. Proxy account will solve this problem and this is a secondary account. First you will go to the PirlApp interface to log in to your main account, then you create a Proxy Account and you can give the Proxy Account permissions such as deleting posts, or only having the right to write new posts, or the right not to transfer coins

Advantages: You will not need to regularly use your main account, because it is easy for your account to be exposed. The main account is like a cold wallet and the secondary account is like a hot wallet. If you have your Proxy account's secret phrase revealed, go to PirlApp, log in to your main account and cancel the Proxy account's login permission and then you will create a new Proxy account.

Multisig Accounts 

Is a multi-signature account a higher layer of security for a large organization, and individuals can also use it if you want better security. First, you must create more than 2 General Accounts, or you and many other people must have a General Account. Then go to PirlApp and choose to create a multi-signature account, enter your list of wallet addresses along with many others and choose the number of people who can vote successfully.

For example, a multi-signature account and a list of 5 people. And you have the option of having only 3 out of 5 people vote for the transaction to be approved.

After successfully creating a multi-signature account, go to PirlApp and choose to create a New Proxy Account for multi-signature wallets. To get this request approved you need 3 out of 5 people to vote successfully. You then use the Proxy Account to log in to the decentralized social network Pirl. If your Proxy account is hacked or you want to use a new account, just go to PirlApp and cancel the permissions of the old Proxy account.


What do you think if we charge 10Pirl coins for the PirlBlue service and you get to use it forever. This is an extremely interesting idea for pioneers. Pirl's current total supply is 24MPirl, 4500 Pirl coins can be created every day. If the price of 1Pirl = 1$ at launch, then in the future when 1Pirl = 1000$, the next person who wants to use the PirlBlue service will have to spend 10,000$ to get it. 90% of the revenue will be burned by us and 5% will be paid to the social network's servers, 5% we will pay to the developer's treasury for maintenance as well as salaries for employees of project. Burning will increase the value of Pirl as well as reduce its circulating supply, and we also respect securities laws, because having revenue means the project must register a business license and pay taxes. The government can collect taxes from the server nodes of the Pirl decentralized social network just like they collect taxes from Bitcoin mining pools, and personal income taxes from project employees.

is a Linux-driven technology for containerization of a complex pre-configured software, such as media or database server or AI, with strong protection against unauthorized access or any external attack. It has been continuously developed since 2008 by a tiny group of developers, based in Moscow, Russia. 

is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the xTer SafeContainer, tampering and theft is not possible. 

Inside xTerSafecontainer the PIRL decentralized social network will not be hacked or tampered with. Your account will be safe.


In 2019 we launched the world's first messaging version Pirlchat1.0. Pirlchat2.0 version is being researched by Mr.Dubs. Decentralized messaging is an integral part of the Pirl decentralized social network. Many social networks have claimed to have successfully created a decentralized social network, but a decentralized social network must have decentralized messaging, and they have only created a decentralized blog and declared their success. Therefore, the decentralized social network Pirl is still the project with the most complete ecosystem in the world

As the world's first decentralized meeting room like Zoom and Google meet, you can video chat with your audience. You can play music videos as well as online movies in the meeting room. When in public mode R-H will connect to the decentralized social network Pirl, and audiences can watch it online. R-H has a lot of cool features. R-H was researched by Alex Shevlakov


Is the world's first decentralized video social network launched in 2017 like Youtube and Tiktok. Pirltube is an indispensable ecosystem of the decentralized social network Pirl. Currently, we have stopped researching Pirltube due to lack of ideas. Just like TikTok to compete with Youtube, Tiktok must have ideas that Youtube does not have. But don't worry about that we will restart the project when we have new ideas.


is a decentralized payment system like Paypal. PirlPay will connect your sales website to the decentralized social network Pirl. We do not sell on the decentralized social network Pirl. PirlPay only supports you to easily pay for services with Pirl coin. To use this service, your website must register for a business license and pay full local taxes managed by the government. PirlPay will approve eligible companies. We may charge a service fee of approximately 0.25% for each successful payment service. The government will calculate taxes through your website.


Advertising services are a huge revenue of social networks. Pirl is a decentralized social network so you cannot use fiat currency to pay. Pirl coin is your only choice, you can use Pirl coin to increase interaction. All revenue will be burned, a small portion we will pay to individuals running the Pirl decentralized social network's server Node, and a small portion will be used to pay developer salaries as well. as funds to maintain the project. Burning coins will increase the long-term value of Pirl coin. We will adjust the policy in the future so as not to violate securities laws. (For example, burn 90% of advertising revenue and 5% for individuals sponsoring high-configuration server Nodes, and 5% for project maintenance funds).


Contact [SkyPirlNew@gmail.com] to get more information on the project.

SkyPirl network is a green blockchain, that loves animals, is friendly to the environment and nature.

SkyPirl network is a self-sustaining and self-funded blockchain ecosystem not financed by pre-mined coins or an ICO.